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Spyware and / or Viruses can not only slow your computer down but can also put your personal information at risk. In the past, viruses were created to cause general mischief and cause harm to your computer's software. Recently viruses and spyware have a new motive - get your personal data (passwords, account information, credit card numbers, etc). This information is then sent back over the Internet to be used fraudulently. While this does not happen in every case, it does happen.

Indications of a virus / spyware infection include: unwanted pop-ups, inability to use the Internet, inability to use cretin programs / features, misdirected web pages (your browser not going to the web page you intended), recent unexplained slowness, and other performance related issues.

Our technicians will analyse your individual situation and provide options to ensure your computer is virus / spyware free. After the virus / spyware is removed, we will perform a security analysis to close common routes of entry that viruses use, and offer software at no cost to prevent virus / spyware infections in the future. While no software can assure a 100% chance against re-infection, we rely on our experience using proven methods and best practices to ensure you the best protection possible.

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