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The installation of a Wireless network is very important. Signal problems, security, and other issues can easily make a good wireless network cumbersome to use and enjoy. Weak signals and security issues are the two most common problems people will face. With careful planing and set-up most off-the-shelf wireless devices work well, but these should not be considered "plug and play" as most manufactures try to promote. Our technicians have the experience to install your wireless device to work the way you want, where you want.

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    When running high-demand applications, games, on-demand satellite, or any other bandwidth intensive application, hard-wired may be the best choice. Hard-wired networks perform much better than wireless and do not face the same interference issues. Most home networks are typically a hybrid of both wired and wireless networks meaning some devices are hard-wired where it is easy to run a cable, and wireless where it is not.

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